Telluride to fax garbage to West End

(Ames) In what many see as a vain attempt to placate residents of Naturita and Nucla the Telluride Town Council has voted in favor of faxing further garbage cargoes to the dump there.
“That way no one can get angry when they see our garbage trucks unloading in a different county,” said Ima Reddi, spokesman for the governing body. Our trucks will no longer crawl through the downtowns causing resentment. Keep in mind,” said Reddi, “that these communities voted to host a nuclear waste plant here.”
If this primary program is successful Telluride will fax other waste materials directly to the dump or to other specific locales since, contrary to the general opinion in parts of San Miguel County, much of this refuse often stinks.
“We should be able to sell our garbage as souvenirs on E-Bay,” said Reddi. “We have already generated a lot of interest posting mining artifacts and old photos. Trash is next.” – Melvin O’Toole

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