About the San Juan Horseshoe

Homegrown Colorado Humor

“Refried News For a Half-Baked Planet”

Dedicated to the proposition that all men a created poorly, this curious, hybrid macrocosm of Western Humor and tittle-tattle comes through the dedication and perseverance of a few funny people and the sporadic ramblings of desperate Western Colorado satirists intent on rocking the onion cart.
It is gonzo journalism in a whiskey jar, the perfect escape from the mainstream news, most of which is made up too. Our characters are engaged in the absurd. Our animals talk. So do trees, rivers and mountains. We regularly receive visits from space aliens. No one dies in these pages no matter how rotten they have behaved. Investigative journalism is our ridiculous middle initial.
The San Juan Horseshoe is a cohesive gathering of barnacles, freeloaders, kowtowers, ball and chain ladies and hair-brained scammers and their fellow crazies who spent the greater part of every morning in search of a free lunch. The Horseshoe can even make a genuine Rocky Mountain cowboy (and his horse) laugh, but not in public.
The goal of this irreverent, stitch-in-time rattle sheet is to make you giggle, guffaw, snicker, smile, hoot, snort, cackle, chuckle, double up, express dimensional amusement, have hysterics or feel a little uncomfortable in your seat or your saddle. It’s a lifestyle thing celebrating our mountains, celebrating our skies, relishing our sunshine. Loving our snow.
Began in 1977 the newspaper/website has toughed through the bad times and the good with one eye on integrity and the other on its bank account. It has recorded more laughs than tears and simultaneously keeps its head above water while cooling its heels.
The West is the Best where the beer is wet and the jokes as dry as the sagebrush. We’ve got a surplus of inside humor and outside wit. Whether it’s a story about a draft horse with the hiccups or a well-groomed politician caught in a lie we’re all over the punch line. Hey, what’s funny in Denver may not be funny in Baltimore. Original humor is not universal. Neighborhood satire reigns.
Thanks to a gift from the World Bank and the support of the armed forces of the Republic of Fredonia, the San Juan Horseshoe is presented as a web page at www.sanjuanhorseshoe.com and accessed free of charge to the spurious imposter, the mysterious bystander, the spurned, the lonely, the spiritually broken and, as always, the great unwashed.
The Annual newsprint edition is available in Ouray, Hinsdale, Gunnison, San Juan, Montrose, Delta, and San Miguel Counties while the webpage serves the world. This laughable effort at reporting the silly and mindless news is not and has never been a fly-by-night operation since most of our staff is desperately afraid of the dark.
Disclaimer: The Annual San Juan Horseshoe, which is produced in June, can no longer afford to translate non-agricultural offerings into colloquial Equidae or High Bovine due to the rising cost of feed and irrigation boots.