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Civics primer

World Bank – an organization that lends money to the current leaders of a country to be used as they see fit and to the military to control the people. Demands for payback of loans can often scrap social programs for the poor. Despite changes in leadership and/or political direction, the people are still responsible for the debt. Some get spiffy fountain pens and a ham at Christmas.

Debtor Nation – One where the Brahman banks have robbed the coffers blind causing them to have to borrow huge sums of money to keep the charade in motion.

Consumer / Mass Corporation: An invisible screen (legally with the same rights as an individual but not the responsibilities of same) that concerns itself solely with profits for itself and its shareholders at the expense of workers who are paid substancially less for their labor. Multiplied, this system will create great fiscal disharmony and destroy the middle class while creating a nation of ignorant sheep.

Turkeys Off Radar

(El Lay) The nation’s turkey population appear to have retreated underground, joining remnants of elk and several hundred defiant Snickers candy bars. These two groups remain in hiding even though the dangerous fall seasons have concluded.

Hunting season and Halloween, while popular with people is often stressful and detrimental for herd and chocolate victims. Thanksgiving, one dimensional and aimed right smack at foolish birds with a few hams thrown in, is clearly genocide according to poultry rights groups here.

Meanwhile Tom Avenue is empty and generally off the grid and the vibrant turkey lounges on Giblet Alley are now dark and quiet.

Local liberals, guilty over the treatment of all three groups have attempted to coax the candy bars and elk from their redoubts but with limited success.

On a high note, Hibernation ’21 has been heralded a “breakthrough success” by the local chamber of commerce and several church groups.

-Fred Zeppelin

Warblers grab smelling bee again

The Yellowbutte Warblers, this years’ only serious participant, have walked away with yet another first-place trophy, narrowly defeating a tough and resilient Tuffy’s Hair Pin Creek squad “on vapors” according to sportscasters vying for attention on the ground.

The Hair Pin team fielded only 2.3 players within an accepted framework of at least 8 to 10 leaving the team plugging up holes rather than fundamental air circulation and crisp passing.

The victors have won the trophy 34 times since 1989

The Lady Warblers, winners of the State Body Chemistry Smelling Bee, were not in attendance raising questions as to perfumes and the sustainability neo-classic body odor. Congratulations to the players and coaches for a splendid performance of mental toughness and personal hygiene.

For more on this highly breakable tidbit please go to 

“Warbler amateur status undocumented” 


(Continuación de la página de confrontación)

y de estos grabados rupestres se desprende que los neandertales no se habían acostumbrado a la recién emergida estructura del pulgar y tuvieron que depender de sus subordinados Denizen para rescatar las patatas asadas de las rugientes llamas de la fogata. Estas cohortes de ragamuffins a menudo cosechaban cannabis y actuaban como porteadores para los humanos más grandes, a pesar de que tenían fama de quedarse en casa.

Este fragmento amistoso de la historia de la meseta de Colorado le trajo elogios del Jing and Jang Penny Bank: Su banco, pero no su banco.


by Kashmir Horseshoe, Zenith of the Zodiac

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Build a better mouse trap and someone more clever than you will jack up the price of cheese. Question reality. Listeners you wish to captivate will sit up and take notice just so long as you limit contact to the telephone. Personal appearances will backfire as people find you less than attractive through the 15th. Open a charge account at the county landfill. Oh, if only golden retrievers could vote…

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Avoid conversations with yourself regarding subject matter that is above your head. Friends may question your choice of breath mints in the late afternoon. Comprehension of cereal box literature is directly related to the individual appetite. Is your head half full or half empty? Remember: Severe skin disease isn’t for everyone. Face it: That bullet wound in the front of your head may require medical attention before the weekend. Spend quality time with a bottle of Russian vodka.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Don’t let fortuitous developments slip through your fingers. Wear mittens. Avoid aggressive exhibition of self control when dealing with underlings. Although you dress much like an adult the jury is still out when it comes to applied maturity levels on all fronts. The days are getting shorter and so is your attention span. Your planets are lined up at the soup kitchen. Visit a relative in jail this weekend.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Your position as bread winner has become quite stale. Try tortillas. Sly manipulation is better than direct confrontation when it comes to house plants. Blaze orange clashes with blood-shot eyes. A willingness to compromise wins friends and allies. A willingness to purchase rounds of drinks keeps them in tow. If you are going to be a deadbeat, be the best darn deadbeat you can be. Pay all debts promptly or leave town a little more promptly. A day trip to the local zoo could help determine evasive family roots.

PISCES (February 20 -March 20)

Spend time at the bottom of the tank in the afternoon. Fish smells like fish. Cattle smells like cattle. Avoid the surf and turf. Mrs. Paul has her one good eye on you. Keep your fins to yourself. Today is trash day and it is a good idea for you to keep on the move. Your bubbly attitude and fresh approach to menial tasks will cause fellow workers to vomit. If you cannot develop a bad attitude on your own, seek professional help. Your personal hygiene problems will not disappear at the car wash.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Today is a great time to get the cat a tattoo. Your culinary talents will emerge tonight with the arrival of a functional can opener to hunting camp. There is more to life than beans but not much more. Take only advice that is not nailed down. Do not rely on social workers who live in cardboard boxes. Hunting camp will be a gas about an hour after dinner is served. Stay upwind from yourself. When searching for personal faults, try an objective topo map. Wash your hands before and after exercising good judgment.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Your conscience is in storage and the key is misplaced in your Third House. Sour grapes are in season. You may indeed possess a dull mind but then again you are good at keeping secrets. Deal with domestic disagreements at the other end of the bar.

A man with an extremely large nose wants to buy you a continental breakfast. A casual compliment could turn ugly by lunch. You may find personal growth an evasive issue. Try dwelling on negative attributes while waiting for the traffic light to change. October is a bad month to jump out of airplanes, especially if they are still on the ground.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Suspenders can be handy in keeping your pants up but a good belt of scotch is easier to manipulate in a tight situation. Charm school can be expensive but don’t hold out for a scholarship. Perceived wisdom has shorted out what is left of your tiny brain. Red is your color and intimidation is your game but keep an industrial size bottle of smelling salts handy in case a lucky sucker punch hits home. No matter what the situation be sure to stay on the turnip cart. Pets may find it difficult to adjust to your new wallpaper through the end of the month.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

You are far too insensitive to take feelings to heart, far too egotistical to take it on the chin and far too closed minded to lend an ear. Get a leg up on life and keep adversaries at an arm’s length. Sticking your neck out will not distract the hangman. The concept of renting your house to transient dog handlers will result in a mess even bigger than life. Take heart as your bowling handicap is higher than your IQ. It’s October. Do you know where your ozone is tonight? Helplessness is not an end in itself but could be the beginning of someone else’s problem.

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Your nasal passages may be closed for the weekend. Try using chains. Do something nice for local livestock. Don’t allow tedious good judgment to interfere with impulsive desires. Complete all hangovers. Patience is the key. Tinker. The best day for romance was about a month or two ago. You may be ticketed for passing a kidney stone on a dangerous curve. Avoid getting up on the wrong side of the bed by not getting up at all. Get everything in writing even if you cannot read. Put the heavy loads of your life on the gentle cycle.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Your innate ability to amuse freshwater fish may be a major asset in the backwaters of rural America, but don’t try the same approach when dealing with urban sharks. Don’t confuse seasonal and spicy. Your Halloween costume will be a big hit with pigeons. Self improvement may be out of the question until summer, so enjoy your lot while you can. Quit your job over the phone. It’s the thing to do. Vote the cosmic ticket this fall. Beware of whiskered men in plaid shirts and lavish dinners in Styrofoam containers. Things will only get better when you do.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 23)

Although you generally say the right thing, it is often to the wrong person. Invisible is sometimes better than invincible especially when dealing with the authorities. Business dealings will be successful if you stick to negotiations with people more naive than you. This will indeed limit the scope of activity but could put money in your pocket. Avoid delegating responsibilities since no one is listening to you anyway.


For heaven’s sake make yourself scarce! We don’t want to alarm you, but there are still thousands of loonies, armed to the teeth out in your woods looking for meat…and that meat means you! Unless you think you’d look good next to a bowl of potatoes please adhere to this simple advice: Stay high and keep your antlers about you if you want to be around come spring.

Local Airport Gears Up For Halloween

Rather than, as a precautionary measure, ban costumes from departures and arrivals on Halloween Day, the Cookie Tree Airstrip has announced it will beef up security in and around the facility.

     “This will consist of bringing in about 50 head of cattle and bovine accessories,” said Fred Zeppelin, Director of Homing Pigeon Safety for the military gov’ment. “We figure with all those Herefords hanging around the X-ray machine nobody’s gonna sneak through our radar.”

     Airflow officials expect traffic to be heavy and disguises to be common on Halloween, a holiday stolen from the pagans and turned into All Saints Eve by early Christians in 54 AD.

     “It’s hard enough landing a 747 in mined skunk cabbage fields without having a bunch of loonies running around dressed like witches or Frankenstein,” said Zeppelin. “What if someone dresses up like an Arab? Some might even try to dress up like us. This could get ugly.”

– Jack Spratt