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Featuring in-depth, introspective news stories written by people who weren’t there either.

This website has evolved from the comedic newspaper, the San Juan Horseshoe, without the printing bill, the dirty ink and the days of distributing to six mountain counties. Now we be circulating the globe with a click of a mouse! Why just the other day we received an email from a man in Luang Prabang wanting to borrow a cup of rice. Back in May a woman in Bilbao sent us a naughty Basque Valentine. Just last night a frantic river rafter called from the Nile. She was all wet and needed a towel which we sent immediately. You can too!

As with all endeavors we need the support of readers like you who enjoy this kind of tepid balderdash, this barking up the family tree, this adverbial tempo, this inconsequential endorsement of what is sacred and what is silly. Thank you for letting us drink expensive whiskey and sleep late in the golden years.

Failed stand-up comedians, rascal politicians, self-proclaimed celebrities and the opinionated moron next door appearing inside these pages fly Excelsior Airlines, The Airlines Without Chairs, in return for dumpster donuts, casual sex and free wedding announcements. These people are only real if you think they are real.

Persons seeking special accommodations with the brass section of the Pea Green Symphony Orchestra should approach each member on a one-to-one basis, leaving no stone unturned. Remember to ring at the archaic Moldavian gate and under no circumstances employ the linen elevator for personal travel. Admission is generally one unused joke or a shopping bag full of laughs (Saturdays only).

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Editor’s note: We will survive the three-pronged embarrassment suffered by our poorly inoculated editorial staff forcibly escorted out of the Fortune 500 Fish Fry held at the Elves Club last Friday.

Editor’s Coroner 

All right then it’s settled. One more healthy nip of Oh Be Joyful here and we’re off to the plaza to write this column.

I’ve been living at  7,000 feet in a beautiful village in the Andes: I penciled myself out of the office until 2028. That should give Congress as chance to come to its senses, hurling season to begin and my peach trees time to mature.

Here in Colombia we get a lot of rain but it’s very green and mangos are cheap. It’s just one of those things…the march toward general insanity moves on.

And as the old Russian saying goes:

“Yes, the Czar will still eat his pork chops.”  

My neighbor down the road is a mess this morning. Her cat got pregnant on Valentine’s Day and her dog attacked an innocent grandma on the road in front of her house. I’m not saying my neighbor is stupid but she’s the kind who would get married just because wedding gowns were on sale.

Front Line Love: My last three girlfriends were artists and while that’s fine the next time I think I’ll look for a plumber, an electrician or maybe a welder.

Villa Arepa is still at Level 45 or 6 nobody knows what it means but…local man, Conor Sturgeon appears to have written himself into his own screen play and all that remains are his notes, his navy Annapolis t-shirt and his tan, tight-woven chinos. As many of you might have already guessed, Mr Sturgeon still refuses to wear underwear, even to funerals.

The scene in town was tense as roads gathered after a monkey truck crashed into a chiva blocking roads in and out of town for hours. Coffee (the best in the world) was swilled by all.

And in lifting the drawbridge of eternal annoyances: Do old farts secretly like it when their pants fall down in public? 

The answer lies in the lyrics of this old World War I tune: 

When Was young I couldn’t keep my pants on. 

Now that I’m old I can’t keep them up.

For the first one you just add charm,

the second one only suspenders

Here are some mighty thoughts and local headlines:

Not much news here, but we’ll make every effort to frighten you anyway.

GOP leader says: Biden’s Controversial NO TV in July Ban – experiment in productivity by state – is really a  clandestine move in a a plot to take your guns.

Planet Earth is the ultimate example of bipolar behavior – There is no sense to it but it is damn well systematic. Spinning. More spinning on the axis of inconsistency. The concept of “aggravated gravity” summoned from deep beneath Earth’s inner core. Watch out!

Readers write: How does one manage “getting all katywompus” on demand?

When will we undresses the embarrassing lack of public toilets in US – with ascending ages and virus precautions…”You can tell a lot about a culture by the way it treats its bladders,” according to one incumbent latrine commissioner:

“Of all the ham-handed, butter-fingered, tight fisted, limp- wrist, thumb-nosing platitudes…buried deep in the dark, hidden vaults of fuel-saving carburetors and cures for cancer this lack of priority takes the urinal cake. Have we no respect for local flora?


New Study indicates: Cookies and milk not good before bed- Fat, phlegm, digestion, sugar, premature silliness all add up to poor sleep. You were lied to again like with Dr Pepper, Velveta cheese and Jimmy Dean sausage. Remember: Alternative cookies and milk can be made from recycled cardboard and hearts of sagebrush.

FLASH! County urban planners have found no connection whatsoever in the diminished police presence and the closure of a Colona donut enterprise in Ouray County’s Third Economic Zone.

The United States Department of Transportation has no plans to bring back the railroad despite all the diplomatic wind and talk of revamping the domestic infrastructure.

In Sports Excess: The Fighting Capons have again castigated the hapless Colona hurling squad. Often downtrodden due to the lack of corporate sponsorship in the backwater of the county the team has now come under the scrutiny of three coaches who fall short of calling foul…or even fowl. Harshly criticizing The Fighting Capons, winners of the Pre-Minstrel League, were sports figures from Billy Jean McQueen to Harv Stoneberry who pledged never again to play out “overtly dramatic and tedious henhouse matches” with the Capons.

Gateway Man Accused of Selling Submarine Secrets to Red Chinese He’s been under a lot of financial pressure since the news surfaced that his formerly lauded great grandfather who lost his entire command as well as a chest of medals and his flumed canteen during a skirmish with French irregulars near Djibouti in 1940, had terminated his extortionate trust fund as of March 2022. Later this entire episode will be translated during to a series of painful ankle bites allegedly received from a person of interest on the dance floor while the band played “Carry Me Back to Old Hominy”

And what’s this? A note (sans perfume) slipped under my door just now “Land the  plane Mel…Land the damn plane.” I’ll just file it with the mounds of fan mail we received each week. Now where did I leave my morning panatella?

Indications are that 5th Columnist Yoke animals longingly await the coming of space creatures “Things couldn’t be much worse” many conclude. Conspiracy theories abound within embracing pastoral superstitions. You drive by and watch them eating grass all day. Sure they are. You think they spend the whole day bent over like that just eating? They are decoding messages from outer space, stupid.

Classic Recipe for Grilled Capybara Misplaced but speaking of consumption … It’s either cow or car. Future choices will include the rejection of basic staples of our lives. Does this mean fossil fuel or red meat? 


On my hope of heaven, you can rest assured that the above copy has been throroughly researched, qualified and distilled at least four times right in front of the cocktail onions and crushed ice.

From a cross-section of the above stories: One might even think that…but au contraire, the world is still here outside my flowered veranda this morning. Look. Those are the same mule deer that were here yesterday.

Bonus question:

Peewits: They are a subfamily of medium-sized wading birds which also includes the plovers and dotterels. The Vanellinae are collectively called lapwings but also contain the ancient red-kneed dotterel. A lapwing can be thought of as a larger plover.

Enjoy disjointed rambling? Be sure to peruse Beyond Ignorance a new book by Melvin Bedwetter-Toole who examines a stimulating world opening up to those who nurture personal ignorance. Sequel to Beyond Stupid and Beyond Intergalactic Racism…In bookstores this month!

 And before we retire to rum’s romper room: A Special Welcome is extended to rash brigands, gelded corsairs, entitled drugstore privateers and their fleeced entourages, bit-in-mouth, intent on the spoils of a black flag cruise.

Acknowledgments : None at this time.

Leftover Soup

Find treasures, confidants, lovers. deals. services, metaphysical disasters and used cars here…

Need progressive subcontractor with about 2000 wicker baskets to change society.

Seasonal work. Contact Guillotine the Lobbyists, The Lost City 20001.

Not affiliated with Guillotine the Congress Ltd. of Baltimore and Richmond.

Wanted: Bullet-proof cowpunchers for lightning experiments in San Juans this winter. Daily wages, insufficient insurance, food allowance. Send particulars to Light Up My Life Productions, Ophir.

Final Warning: Anyone caught with a Christmas tree still up

after March 15 will be punished – E. Scrooge, Dogbreath Village.

MEL’S MEATS is looking for a responsible cleaning person for busy slaughterhouse operation. No Communists. The job is quite easy since Mel’s Meats has no windows or stairs. We are part of the “new jobs” hierarchy and pay minimum wage with no benefits. We have no maternity leave or daycare either. Vegetarian preferred. Come around to the back door before noon weekdays.

Going out of business sale now in progress at the Ottoman Empire Wholesale Furniture Outlet in Wimpton. Don’t miss such great deals as the Caspian Sea lounger, Baku nomadic curtains, Bosnian end tables plus an assortment of displaced tribes and Gitano-Armenian schnook cases. I-25 at the Abyss Turnoff. Also see our display at the Mouse Trap during commuter hour.

Hemlock’s Liver cleaner $9.99 while supplies last at Epsom’s Rocks and Millennials.

Will purchase Ramblin’ Jack Elliot instrumentals for market price. Call Ramblin’ Jack Elliot at Talagi’s in Boulder.

Get your very own Akpatok Mink Coat before the species is totally extinct! That’s correct! A beautiful Akpatok Mink from the shores of Ungava Bay. $6500 plus hostage. Also baby seal serapes, gorilla hand ash trays, ivory cigarette holders and more. Scum Importers, Cape Chidley, Newfoundland. “Where Western European traditions are alive”.

Confederate Naval Operations seeks admiral. Former Merchant Marine personnel need apply. Write Jefferson Davis Trust in Mississippi and receive free of charge: How I captured the entire Yankee army on my Natchez sleeping porch in 1862.

Ear lobe removal without painless surgery. Physicians Golf and Tennis Club, St. Roscoe’s Memorial Hospital.

Are Al’s Gourmet Fish Sticks really that good? – Find out for yourself every third Tuesday

of the second month after the wind stops. Al’s Backhoe offices in Crested Butte.

I love to stand up in moving craft. Wanted: Awkward, fat woman with nice boat. Self-worth not important. Sandwich making ability important. Mack the Hack, Sapinero.

Make money drawing perverted cartoons for the federal government. Send example of your work to the Unwed Mother’s of the American Revolution, c/o Congressional Page Lounge, Washington, DC.

Learn meat cutting at home in your spare time. Send $425 for 1/2 side of beef. Slightly more for organic. Blades Meat Cutting Institute, Toledo, Ohio.

Disenchanted public servants! Get a leg up on a new career with your local Sicilian Barber School. We are looking for the right kind of man or woman to join our growing family. Positions include utility enforcement, intimidation clerk, bag personnel, numbers engineer. We have a great working environment and the perfect retirement package. See Armando under the Tomichi Street Viaduct or Sal in front of the Lake City Post Office any day at noon. Wear a red carnation and whistle your favorite Sinatra tune. We will initiate primary contact. Why bog down in a career where you are not appreciated. Do it today.

Are you easily persuaded by religious ranting and raving? Do you like to be told how to live? Is the rumor of the hereafter more important than your current treatment of your fellow man on earth? Do you fear anyone with new ideas? We can use a few, good moralizing Americans to help us gain control of this country and turn it into the oligarchy that our forefathers intended it to be. Send for more information today. Coloradans for Family Values, Oliver Cromwell Building, Colorado Springs, CO.

Drug Lord Appliances from $50! Asierta!

These nearly new washers, dryers, microwaves and more. Were confiscated from suspected drug lords in Florida and Texas. Some rust and avocado. Also seized refrigerators, freezers, swarthy futons, anarchistic toasters, revolutionary ranges and air conditioners. January Special: Cartel Dishwasher: $45. See at Zero Tolerance Appliances. We’re winning the War on Drugs. You’ll see.

Bad Cowboy Poets always in demand at the Fern Chuckwagon. “Where six-guns are only appetizers” Call Slim.

HEREFORD-POODLE MIX PUPS. Should be excellent cow dogs. Slim at the Fern Chuckwagon.

Please direct discontent, carping, nitpicking and legal dissertation to  Calvin, Locke, Edwards and Cromwell, Attorneys at Law, in Moline.

And like Mr. Ramesh, owner an Irish pub in Union Hall in West Cork said when asked why he chose to live in West Cork, Ireland. “It beats the shit out of Bombay.”

Compiled from The Art of Getting a Shine in Antioquia. Used by permission.


Leftover words and phrases from stories – up for adoption this month:

plutocratic debris

fait accompli

journalistic hyperbole




*Celebs with whom you’d like to self-isolate!

in Ostentatious Social Distancing

*Where were you the day the alien

space ships arrived in Grand Junction?

in Red Planet – Blue Planet

*”Those crazy, whacked out

haircuts of the Politburo”


*Gifted Olathe teen reads Ulysses backwards during lockdown


*101 Chateaubriand recipes for your blender

You can expect more stimulating hints and evocations ubiquitously darting and floating

like heaven’s first falling snowflakes into an unattended gas station men’s room

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School Lunch Menu

Summer Session,  2022


Salad of Mallard, Foie Gras, Orange and Aniseed

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Lobster Cocktail with Pesto

Veal with Blackberry Sauce

Onion Risotto

Lavender Crème Brownie or French Beignets

Taylor Fladgate (15 year)


Tapas Plate

Roasted Kumamoto Oysters

Dinkling Green Red Leg Partridge

Peruvian Potatoes Puree

Late Season Fennel with Smoked Apple

Bannanac Cheesecake

Conco y Toro Sauvignon Late Harvest (Chile)


Beetroot salad

Young leeks

Loin of Monkfish Wrapped in Butter Puff Pastry

Braised parsnips

Forest Mushrooms with Walnut Parsley Fried Rice

Bahian Coffee and Petit Fours

Martel Cordon Bleu


Escargot Pot de Crème

Carpaccio of Cauliflower

Langoustine Ravioli

Skate Cheeks Tempura

Maple-glazed Thumbelina Carrots with Macona Almonds

Clotted Cream Éclairs

Flaming Brandy Punch


Ahi Tuna Nicosian Salad

Pomme Frites with Truffle

Beef Tournedos with Port Wine and Stilton

Rack of Lamb with Sauce Paloise

Tomato Fondue

Chocolate Sorbet

Remy Martin XO

Cigar selection: Arturo Fuente or Macanudo


1. How many Western Slopers does it take to dehorn a heifer? 

a.) One to hold the cow and three to turn the horns.

b.) Three. Two to hold the heifer and four to do the math

c.) None. A heifer sheds her horns every Fourth of July.

2. Why are Colorado towns so far apart?

a.) To keep the sheep out of the corn.

b.) To prevent impulse fist fights between entire communities on Friday nights.

c.) Compared to what?

3. What do you suppose the Colorado Rockies will do with the millions they made this year?

a.) Rebuild Greeley.

b.) Buy washed up pitchers.

c.) Fill chuckholes on Blake Street.

d.) Maintain the status quo

4.) Why does Colorado lie between the 40th Parallel and 36th Parallel?

a.) It’s a a lot better than standing at attention between the 12th Parallel and the 89th Parallel.

b.) Because that’s where the ski areas are located

c.) So as to prevent an invasion of the Wyoming by New Mexican militias.

5.) If a sign in Ridgway reads: “Montrose – 26 miles” and a sign in Montrose says “Ridgway – 28 miles” where are the missing two miles?

a.) At the bottom of Ridgway Reservoir wearing a pair of cement overshoes.

b.) Blame it on the Bossa Nova.

c.) Due to the oblique, semi-contiguous angle of the Colona Bulge it actually is two miles longer going south.

6.) Why didn’t the Ute Indians have house plants before the white man?

a.) They were notorious over-waterers.

b.) Macrame hadn’t been invented yet.

c.) There are no windows in tipis 

7.) How many assault rifles are there on the Western Slope?

a.) Counting Sylvestor Stallone movies?

b.) Just take the number of prairie dogs and multiply by 3.

c.) What’s it to you! Are you with the ATF?

 8.) Why did the long-running San Juan Horseshoe newspaper insist on publishing all year long when it is common knowledge that people don’t start as many fires in the winter?

a.) They are great fish wrappers.

b.) They are great in the litter box.

c.) They kill flies and mosquitos on contact.

9.) Who besides you has bothered to read this far along? 

a.) People who live in glass outhouses.

b.) The police.

c.) The advertisers.

d.) None of the above.

10.) What was the last South Townsend Avenue boot shop to be operated by a Ute Indian?

a.) Chief Jack’s Boots and Waders.

b.) The Spot.

c.) Mighty Moe’s Montrose Moccasin Mecca.

11.) What does the term “dogie” mean to you personally?

a.) What? More heifer jokes?

b.) A person who can’t handle a butter knife without bloodshed.

c.) You mean that one “in the window”.

12.) What is a telemark?

a.) A fashionable mole popular in the Roaring Twenties.

b.) Someone who’s sucked in by a phone solicitation.

c.) A three-winged nut used in the construction of deer fence.

13.) Complete the following: “If you ain’t a cowboy you ain’t ____.”

a.) A cowboy.

b.) A-gonna need the hat.

c.) shit.

14.) Who was Dutch Charlie?

a.) The bastard of Flemish Charley’s third wife, Thelma Victoria.

b.) Inventor of the cast iron biscuit.

c.) A sultry cross-dressing flag girl on the Blue Creek Canyon project.

15.) Why are there so many real estate offices in Colorado?

a.) Because everybody can’t cook.

b.) Because everybody can’t bartend.

c.) Send for a free brochure.

16.) How did all the hot springs get hot?

a.) Geothermal intercourse.

b.) What’s the damn difference?

c.) Only your hairdresser knows for sure.

-Srs. Bauxite and Balderstern


1.-b, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a, 5-a, 6-c, 7-c, 8-a, 9-b, 10-b, 11-c, 12-b, 13-b, 14-c, 15-b, 16-c, 17-a, 18-b, 19-c, 20-c, 21-b. Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer and 4 points for every incorrect answer. Add your number of points and divide by 32 anyway.

Bonus overtures

*Is it better to say a Uruguayan or an Uruguayan?

*Can one bring his guns into heaven?

Grammar Lesson #611

Colonel Sanders May Have Harbored Slaves prior to Vicksburg  

a.) Might have  b.) could have had   c.) would have had  (Choose one)

Voting booth truth:

Why did you vote the way you voted?

a. Grandpa voted this way

b. “I’m against socialism in all forms. My Social Security check arrives today. Let’s go to town.”

c “If I vote for Democrats we’ll all be living in Red China  

d. “The Republicans better represent liars like me.”

Surprise Essay Question: What is journalistic hyperbole?

Which reference is more creditable?

a. according to undisclosed sources close to the investigation

b. according to persons familiar with these undertakings

c. according to multiple reports

d. along the lines of an already decoded manuscript

A bamboozler is

a a cinch to hold and carry lengths of bamboo

b a Southeast Asian cocktail

c a shyster

d someone who harvests bamboo on a juniper plantation

Are you really an American? Then how many of these questions can you answer correctly. 

1. To what does Tagalog refer

2. What do Cuba, Hawaii, The Philippines, California and Puerto Rico have in common?

3. What is the “best country in the world”?

In what language was the New Testament written?

a. American   b. French  c. Arabic  d. Greek  e. Italian

What is a Fandango?

What is the difference between Impetuousness and perfidious?

True or False?

The King James Bible was the most popular read of the Scots-Irish on the mountain frontier of the United States not because it was the most interesting or entertaining but because it was usually the only book they had in their homes. 

Very few strip mall churches existed in Bethlehem at the time of King Herod.



peacock envy


  • compiled by Estelle Marmotbreath

guy reading with cow


     Once upon a time, in 1890s Colona, a farmer’s barn caught fire and burned down. It was total loss and, although the farmer managed to get his livestock to safety he lost a good deal of hay and assorted implements to the blaze.

      The next day an entourage of neighbors and friends was on the site, tools and lumber in hand, set on rebuilding the barn.

     “He’d do it for us,” was what they were saying. “It’s the right thing to do.”

     In a matter of hours the new barn was framed out and everyone sat down for a delicious barbecue cooked by the farmer and his wife. They paid for all the food with money they had saved from selling two hogs in the fall. The next day all the people returned and completed the barn. Then they stood back and admired their work. The barn looked even better than the old one. They went home to their families feeling good about themselves and their community.

     Then in 2020 another barn caught fire and burned down. It too was a total loss and although the farmer managed to get his livestock out safely he lost everything else.

     The next day his neighbors gathered at the site of the fire saying, “I hope he had insurance” and “The insurance will cover it.” Some of them suggested that he had not ample coverage and called him a fool. “There’s nothing we can do…If he didn’t have enough sense to buy insurance it’s his own fault.”

     Later that day after fighting with an insurance company the farmer realized that nobody was planning to help him out. In addition he was informed that although his insurance would cover the blaze, his rates would then skyrocket. Still nobody stopped by to offer any help. The insurance would cover it.

     Remember the barbecue that the farmer and his wife presented back in 1890? Well, forget it in 2020. They wouldn’t have the money anyway. It was spent on insurance premiums. 

     For days following the fire, residents drove by the site shaking their heads wondering if the barn would be rebuilt and just what had gone wrong with their society. It seems that people had lost respect for each other. The kids were on a collision course with the future and people just didn’t seem to be as happy as they were a few years ago.

Local Man Claims to Have Viewed “Great Attractor”

(Crested Butte) An amateur astronomer claims to have seen what scientists are calling the “Great Attractor” in the winter skies above Snodgrass Mountain. Earl MacAdoo was out walking his grossly overweight Peloponnesian Setter on Friday night when all of a sudden he felt what he called a vigorous gravitational pull, coupled with an offensive aroma, emanating from the north. Upon closer examination he “noticed a huge region of cosmic matter hovering in the sky as if awaiting the right victim in a celestial mugging.”

     MacAdoo fell back. His dog began barking at the sky and a cold chill invaded his bones. He quickly retreated to his pickup and headed back to town where he informed the authorities of his precarious experience.

     Stories of UFOs, and reports of the abnormal are as common as coal in these parts as any longtime resident will tell you. The village police, although feigning interest in his strange story were too busy chasing dogs and cruising snowboarder bars to respond. They promised to patrol the area the next night. MacAdoo went to the bar and shared his story with the town’s swilling element that passed the word along the next day on the street.

     “The Great Attractor is real,” said Dr. Simon Lackluster of Rocky Mountain Biological Weapons Laboratory at Gothic. “Whether MacAdoo saw the thing or not is important. We scientists have been closely watching the critter for some time. We have even spotted a massive galaxy cluster that appears to be at the Great Attractor’s core. It looks a lot like frantic skiers trying to force their way onto a Mountain Express bus at 4:30.”

     One retired television meteorologist from Moline doesn’t agree.

     “I’ve met that MacAdoo person downtown and I think most of us realize he’s nothing more than a common drunk in a ten-gallon hat. That boy didn’t see any galaxy cluster or even an alien craft,” he sneered. “I have conferred with one of the investigating officers and we have reason to believe that what MacAdoo saw was nothing more than a Sunshine Garbage Truck in full descent.”

     After assigning a top reporter to the story The Horseshoe has determined that Sunshine Garbage does in fact maintain a regular night shift in the vicinity of Snodgrass Mountain. This disclosure has set off shock waves all the way to Gunnison as concerned residents, already suspicious of ski area expansion plans there are asking “Who is driving the truck?”

     MacAdoo was contacted early Wednesday morning assuring all in earshot that he saw what he saw and that he can “damn sure tell the difference” between a galaxy cluster and a garbage truck.  

– Small Mouth Bess   

“We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin

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