Obama Blamed for Trump Success

(Hair and Mouth Gazette —  September 19, 2015)

(Washington) House Republicans are blaming President Obama for their problems with Donald Trump. Saying that the liberal tendencies of the Chief Executive encouraged the New York millionaire to seek the Presidency, Divine Right congressmen such as Mitch McConnell say the entire Trump phenomenon is a part of a scheme to land America in the chains of socialism.

“Extremes attract extremes,” said the House majority Leader from the deck of his “bass boat” a 92-foot Monte Carlo sports yacht bought and paid for by an undisclosed oil company. “This Democrat will ruin the country for all of us.”

Charlatan maverick Ted Cruz echoed his distaste saying, “God told him Obama was the anti-Christ and Trump worked for Satan.”
 “Both Obama and Trump are Muslims and should be brought to heal. Trump seeks the Republican nomination so as to mask his socialist ties to Russia and Red China,” he affirmed. “When I am elected I will deport all of these terrorists.

Cruz, who we believe was born in Kenya….or…Canada, continued his attack on everyone else by saying that Trump, like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush inherited his much celebrated fortune.
“I accumulated my money legitimately from friends in the oil business,” he explained.

From Shock and Awe to crash and burn? The GOP appears desperate to gain any momentum front, backwards or sideways. Attempts to shed the image of an elite, wealthy white boy political party have come tumbling down every time Trump stands behind the podium.

The Obama Administration had no comment expressing only annoyance that both Hillary and Joe have said nothing of substance while seeking the endorsement of the President.

Less renown House Republicans blamed Obama for global warming (which they deny) and upsurge of crime in the cities and tasteless tomatoes that illegally cross our southern borders daily.

In a related story construction continues on a great wall along the border with Mexico to keep immigrants out and ignorance in.
– Suzie Compost

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