China authorizes coast guard to fire on Covid-19 virus

(Shanghai) The Chinese military has been given the green light to respond to suspected viruses in coastal waters today. Top brass here confirmed that missiles, torpedoes and artillery would be employed if foreign viruses breech the territorial waters of China.

Despite the reality that these zones are ever-changing and always disputed the development ads more fuel to the fire that has scorched diplomatic attempts at any solution since the 80s.

Meanwhile neighboring nations, such as Vietnam, have had far more success in dealing with Covid-19. China, along with the US, clearly botched early efforts to control the disease. Within the established culture of untruths and both countries have suffered the most when, according to leading health experts, the gruesome impact might have been diminished.

With many leaders the impulse to lie overwhelms the logic of telling the truth from the beginning. It is learned behavior and works very well as people from both Superpowers drift further and further into ignorance and lethargy.

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