(From The Fervent Gossip – San Juan Mountain – May 25, 2015)

The passage of RE 11785 comes as no surprise to anyone associated with the measure. Opponents swallowed defeat quietly while supporters enjoyed their place in the sun. The electorate was uninterested in the action, as has become a pattern, preferring to worry about terrorists or go shopping.
“The funny thing about RE 11785 is that no one in these chambers has any idea what it is about or what it entails,” gaped Melvin Toolini, 95, a wealthy peanut butter and jelly rancher who bought his Senate seat in 1954. “No one read it. No one discussed it and, to top it off no one claims responsibility for its origin.”
RE 11785, which slated to become law in the fall, may effect everyday life or have no impact at all according to legislators. Many feel it will be stored away with the mounds of other laws that are not enforced or not applied to a given situation.
“I wouldn’t get all worked up over this petty development,” quipped Toolini, his beady eyes surveying the room for enemies and allies. “At least we finally agree on something.” – Small Mouth Bess

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