Elvis Appears to Carne Canyon Widow

Shavano Sun and Mailer – June 25, 2015

Most women would be thrilled to have a rock and roll legend visit them in the bathroom but not the reclusive Beverly Lupac. In fact she’s had about enough of it all.
Back in March Beverly arose from a deep slumber, wandered into her two-tone bathroom, gazed into her two-way mirror and there he was: Elvis Presley right there in the zoomed in make-up circle. At first she thought she was dreaming but upon reentry she saw him again, combing his hair.
“At first he didn’t speak but just smiled in that “Elvisy kind of way,” she said. “Then he asked to borrow some hair cream.”
Then he thanked Lupac, asked if he could sing her a song, crooned a verse from Blue Hawaii and melted back into the glass.
Shaken, Lupac rushed to her neighbor’s house to share the strange encounter with Ira Synge-Toole, a former typesetter for this website when it was a newspaper. While at first Toole scoffed at the preposterous pandering of a pop star pertaining to the porcelain presence she quickly came around when singing resumed from Lupac’s bathroom.
The two women, armed with a can of outdated mace and a 34-inch Louisville Slugger, went back into the Lupac house. They made their way to the bathroom all called out “Elvis! Elvis! Come out. Come back.”
Nothing happened. After about a half hour Toole became disenchanted with the entire operation and, saying The Days of Our Lives was about to begin, left.
Lupac then journeyed into her spacious, well-lighted kitchen to prepare lint and kidney pie when a voice crooned Fools Rush In. She turned around half-aroused to see a life-size Elvis standing before her in nightclub attire. This one was a talking Elvis. He asked her about her life in Carne Canyon but she couldn’t think of any interesting answers. The conversation dragged. There she was with the King and she was tongue-tied. She could tell him about her peach harvest or the day the dog got knocked up outside the barn

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