Donald Duck Honored at Bash

Donald Duck's house the morning after

The McDuck Mansion after the Bash

Special to Ridgway, Co News Service, Nov 28, 2014
(Mallard Bay) A large celebration was held at the McDuck Mansion here last evening, prompting the local society page to revel in the presentation, calling it the social event of the season.
The semi-formal affair, well attended by celebrities and dignitaries from as far away as Ducktowne, was held in honor of the host’s favorite nephew, Donald.
Mrs. McDuck was decked out in a fine-tailored sailor suit top and no pants while Donald’s longtime mistress, Daisy wore a tasteful crimson nautical jacket and no pants. No one at the ball seemed distracted by the fashions since the ladies had often appeared in cartoons in the same attire.
Porky Pig arrived in basically the same no pants outfit as did his pretty companion Petunia. The guest of honor tipped his hat to the assemblage, standing behind the podium with no pants on either.
The prestigious group dined on gourmet duck food, flown in of course,
and steaks from Duckett’s Market in Ouray, Colorado. Most agreed that the entire evening “was just ducky”.
It was quite the plush gathering until the police arrived.
“You’re too noisy,” said a police officer to the humiliated Mrs. McDuck, “and where do you get off wearing such costumes. Where are your pants? We could easily run you in for obscenity.”
“We are not people. Don’t lay an egg. We are ducks,” said McDuck defiantly. “Besides we are cartoons too and so are you, so please leave before I call my husband and he erases all of you.”
The policeman looked in his police book and found nothing referring to cartoons and nudity, especially on private property. He then apologized and left. The party roared on until the wee hours until everyone had eaten and drank their fill. The place was a wreck after all of those drunken, feathered cartoon poultry and their animated friends, according the security crews circulating the neighborhood at the tax payer’s expense.
“Those cartoons really burned the place down,” he said.
Moral: If you’re going to get caught with your pants down do so with friends and in your own backyard. – Efram T. Quackenbushe

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