Rockies Give Castro a Look

las brburas(Blake Street Tropical  — January 26, 2016)

The further adventures of the Colorado Rockies pitching staff will now include former Cuban hurler and President Fidel Castro. The national League team plans to work out the aged pitcher during the Spring Training.

Thought washed up by even his most loyal fans on the island of Cuba, Castro has made resurgence of late, competing with some of the best players in Cuba while turning in impressive stats. In his younger years Castro made a historic choice between law school and baseball then settled for dictator.

Now retired, he wants to play ball again. With the new diplomacy blossoming between the US and Cuba he should not face immigration issues or find himself hounded by the ugly shadows of defection.

“If his legs hold out I think he’s got a few innings left,” said a Rockies scout. “We’re not expecting him to steal a lot of bases or cover centerfield, just to throw strikes.”

An imposing figure on the mound for decades on his island nation, Castro has years of effective intimidation under his belt. Whether he will wear a regulation team uniform or his more familiar fatigues will be up to league officials who are monitoring the event with great interest.images-1

Castro is expected to workout for the Rockies in February at an unnamed facility at an undisclosed date. Large crowds are expected. Tryouts for the Colorado Rockies relief staff will then begin in March. Normal protocol will be observed: Woman and children first.

Several other teams, including the Dodgers and Royals have opened a dialogue with Castro and his agent Gabriel Marquez of Colombia. Marquez, a famous novelist, hopes to settle his client and land a scouting position in the Barranquilla before Carnival.

If Castro makes the cut he will skip the Minors due to his advanced age.

– Kashmir Horseshoe

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