Fundraisers Report Theft

(Western Colorado Report – February 10, 2015) Supervisors of emergency disaster assistance for the Mañana Economic Development League say they cannot account for tens of hundreds of dollars from recycled T-shirt sales and recording endeavors. The items were sold to benefit the destitute cultural and intellectual famine victims in the Western Slope town.
It is estimated that over 95% of the residents here suffer from these related maladies. Many suspect “unscrupulous promoters and shady storefront managers” may be skimming profits by manufacturing and selling counterfeit items and hiding the money in off-mesa bank accounts.
Many of these unfortunates still believe the campaign promises made during the recent election.
“The disappearance of valid cultural norms within a population that was once starved for learning is the beginning of the end for our nation,” said Everett Jefferson. “Americans tend to embrace fear-based information without bothering to check media sources, which are diminishing as corporations gobble up radio stations, TV stations and newspapers,” he spat.
According to relief volunteers the missing funds could amount to forty or even fifty dollars which is often enough money to rescue the victims of cueing and other propaganda-based dialogue, before they enter the voting booth.

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