Evolution Peaked in 1972 Says Doc

(Globe, AZ — Desert Desalinate — March 23,  2016)

Human evolution is at a frightening standstill according to vintage archeologists digging out here in the stinking desert. Conjecture suggests that the process of environmental adaptation ended in 1972 wit the onset of chronic air and water pollution and the delivery of the population bomb.

“The human body has made no noticeable/effective physical changes so as to better cope with atmospheric disasters,” said a highly touted source on life, as we know it.

“Man has fallen on his fat primitive face when it comes to solving social ills,” chimed in another scientist who begged anonymity fearing reprisals by creationists camped across the arroyo.

“The inability of religion and science to coexist when it comes to human origin is the microcosm for failure of the social order,” said the first digger. “This is a strong indication that the species is clogged up at the base.”

– Fred Zeppelin

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