Elderly couple gives birth to rude adolescent

(Olathe – Feb 25, 2015) An elderly couple here has announced the birth of a son, Emile, 17. The proud parents Averill and Harmony DelFisher of 3388229955 Indian Massacre Highway named the boy after a distant uncle that neither of the DelFisher’s had ever met.
Fertility pills were blamed for the mishap, or the blessing, depending what side of the nursery one might be sitting at the time.
The youngster, already a strapping six feet tall, has already been suspended from the local high school and detained by juvenile authorities (aren’t they all) in connection with a sophisticated fencing ring in the county. When asked how he would handle his new responsibility, 74-year-old Averill said, “I guess I’ll lend him my car and hope he joins the army before long.”
Harmony, quickly asserting herself as the disciplinarian where Emile is concerned, had no comment on the matter. – Ripple Van Winkle

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