Eagles Spot 118 DOW Workers

(Gunnison, CO  Raptors and Rodents Review  January 20, 2015) Local eagles estimate 118 separate sightings along the river alone. That’s the number of Colorado Division of Wildlife officials spotted since August 25, according to a lightly plagiarized piece appearing in Yield and Scream Magazine.
The figure represents a 23% increase over the same period last season.
“We wait for the DOW flocks to land, sedate them, tag them and check them for various indicators before letting them go,” squawked one bald eagle extending his wings for emphasis.eagles
The eagles have discovered three new species of DOW birds since the program began in 1996; the year authorities noticed a drastic drop in DOW species wintering here. Many of the DOW herds were relocating to other parts of the country where real estate was cheaper and the food was in greater supply. Today the population is double that of 1996, a detail that the eagles
cannot explain but take full credit for orchestrating.
The once-endangered genus generally resides in towns and cities and enjoys roosting in desks and pickups. An observant, patient shutterbug can get a great shot at dawn and dusk when the species is migrating to and from nesting areas.
“We won’t quit until we’ve tagged every one of them,” said an eagle scout reconnoitering like nobody’s business out the backfields. “Even the seasonal ones. Can’t talk now. There’s shrew out here. You ever ate shrew?”
The DOW birds are easily identified as they grow longer green coverage as the colder weather sets in. Often the plumage extends to headgear and, of corpse, eye protection. During particularly wet years the DOW bird grows rubber feet, not webbed but anchored by tread of second skin.eagles potting these people
As the relentless tagging comes to a compassionate close the eagles will continue an independent study of migration patterns and embarrassing mating rituals common to the this odd group.

“I hate the outdoors. To me, the outdoors is where the car is.”    – Will Durst

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