Denver Seeks Water Rights to Walden Pond

(Concord MA — H20 Blues — April 21, 2016)

Pirates from Colorado’s Confront Range have claimed Walden Pond here. Legal water interests have adjudicated the water in the pond, which is not being used, as common property subject to seizure.

Once the haunt of poet, Henry David Thoreau, the spot has been declared abandoned, since the water is not spoken for. A self-reliant transcendentalist, who authored the American classic Walden, Thoreau was known for his militant stance against modern man’s infringement on nature back in 1854.

“We don’t care if Jesus or Buddha fishes this pond. We want it,” said a spokesperson for the Denver Water Board.

It was not clear how the DWB would transport the water if the seizure plot goes through successfully. Walden is the latest protected water to be claimed by the Confront Range since 1985 when the Brown Cloud began to spread. In addition to most of the water in South Park, the developer-mad Mile High City has grabbed Lake Elsinore, the Grand Canal in Venice, Lake Victoria, the Zambezi River and the Sea of Galilee.

When contacted the DWB denied involvement.

– Dinty Moore

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