Catfish aggression down in August

(Ridgway) The tally of documented catfish attacks has fallen off sharply at the end of summer, landing at less than 35% of the confrontations charted in July. Authorities over at Fish and Game expressed confidence that the diminished onslaughts will continue to decrease with the coming of winter.

Our reader may recall a series of shocking incidents that plagued Colorado during the early summer, beginning with a suicide sortie on the town of Naturita  on May 20. Difficult as it may be for tenderfoots to buy to attack was coordinated with a simultaneous strike on DOW fish trucks in Almont and a vicious assault on a heavily guarded beaver ponds at Silverjack Reservoir.

“These out of character thrusts have been blamed on the drought that lingered into July.

On July 30 the entire Kokanee school was defiled by a large catfish that eyewitnesses say weighed in at at least 200 pounds soaking wet.

Brain trusts within the DOW say an ongoing sting has convinced more radical elements of the channel cat population to back off on these finless episodes at least until spring.

– Small Mouth Bess

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