by Zelbrat Acknor, Astral World Three

Welcome children of the universe and our new readers in the Twor and Hakka Bennie Galaxies. As you all are aware we have been observing the residents of the planet Earth since the first Sputnik entered what they refer to as Outer Space. To update you on the situation here, we must first describe the daily rituals of humans living in a country called the United States.

This culture has succeeded in not only destroying most of the atmosphere, but it has also exported its ideals to other parts of the planet. The result of all this is the choking off of the air supply and the termination of millions of indigenous species. In short, the planet earth has achieved the status of damaged goods in comparison to the more progressive planets and stars. All this destruction has occurred within a very short time span, even in earthling terms.

These things have come to pass so as to acquire what these creatures call worldly goods. The amazing thing is that, although the planet is shared by all beings, only a small percentage of these people control most of the wealth. An innate ability deep in the heart of this phenomenon called rationalization allows these beings to perform in this way. Ironically, it is this same ability to rationalize that is said to separate these humans from the other primates and lower forms of plant and animal life. According to human mythology, that difference designates the human as clearly superior and accounts for the miserable treatment handed down.

The average human here begins his day with an assortment of government-approved drugs, rushes off to a job, and, according to some remote norm, spends the greater part of his/her day at that often tedious pursuit. After that time, or, as the humans say, when the whistle blows, they are set free to endure hours of electronic entertainment via an evil inventions until they retire to recharge for the night.

Another recent human invention, the Hubble Telescope, has been busy taking pictures, like one massive intergalactic Japanese tourist. Luckily, due to some twisted sense of vanity, most of the snapshots are of the self-absorbed earth itself and scientists there still don’t know we’re out here.

One saving grace is that the temporary occupants of this planet have shown themselves to be rather charming on a one-to-one basis and I have to admit that I find them generally warm and amusing if not loving and creative.

Although there has been talk of condemning this planet to the stellar wrecking ball, observers, including the 2 million alien space travelers now residing there, suggest that we take a wait-and-see approach to this mindless planetary drooling and doodling. Later, when another century or two has passed, we can decide on the final fate of this former Eden.

It is our fervent hope that we can open up lines of communication with the rat and the cockroach, two harmless groups who have exhibited the ability to withstand brutal human assaults since the last hurrah of the dinosaur. These two species have not been guilty of this stumble-bum ecological suicide and should be treated with respect by those who would intervene at a later stage. These scurrying survivalists, it is supposed, might even withstand a nuclear annihilation the type that has not been seen since the Cosmos Forty War, which, like a good bump on the head, seemed to corral stubborn mavericks throughout the Universe.

That’s about that for this month. We’ll be back again unless the earthlings accelerate their activities and cease to be, thus solving another riddle in our rich, scattered megacosm.


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