Human Pretzel to Perform

The Human Pretzel

(Crested Butte) Billing himself as The Human Pretzel, contortionist extraordinaire, Swami Ahswam Deyalsingh, will perform at at six different town venues this summer. The return this year will mark the tenth year in the past eleven that the popular rubber-like entertainer has bent, curved, twisted and otherwise publicly distorted his bodily form, often to the delight of audiences.

The former stand-in and sandwich maker for the renown Flying Farcheezie’s high wire act, the pretzel is said to have more than 300 freakish shapes in his rigid repertoire. Traveling with him are his womanizing chiropractor and a night-blind percussionist who will attempt to musically accentuate pressure points during the tortuous distortions.

If last year was any indication the 12-hour show will be one of many highlights of the Crested Butte Arts Festival which shuts down Elk Avenue for days. Appreciative viewers are asked that, in lieu of gratuity, they simply toss cigarette lighters onto the stage. Deyalsingh will then distribute the lighters to the impoverished of South Asia over the winter.

– Tommy Middlefinger

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