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Missing Link Cornered at Town Hall

(Cahone) Local police here cornered an elusive shadow figure, believed to be the Missing Link, last night after a town council meeting. Details were sketchy as to what the visitor wanted or whether the mysterious stranger was simply a concerned citizen or a potential candidate for office.

     “He mumbled when he spoke and would not make eye contact with any of the other people in the meeting,” said Susie Compost, mayor of this Western Colorado town. “That alone would qualify him for many elected positions around these parts.”

     As the officers converged, the suspected Missing Link retreated through a hallway, jumped out of an open window and disappeared into the night.

     The transparent transient is wanted for questioning related to the Theory of Evolution.

– Dag Katz

“God is a postulate. I don’t think God is interested in the verification of his existence, and, neither am I.”

– Allessandro  Giuliani – in Soldier of the Great War, by Mark Helprin