Land Trust Acquires Red Barn

(Montrose – Special from Vacant Lot Magazine – July 10, 2015)

The all-powerful Land Trust has purchased the now shuttered Red Barn Restaurant building on East Main here. Opened in 1967 it was the center of the town’s social heart.
Over 100 trees will be planted on the property surrounding the structure creating al natural plaza complete a small fountain and gold fishpond. The interior will house a museum dedicated to preserving treasures, junk and memories.
Losing a centerpiece like this hurts culturally as well as fiscally,” said Melvin Rothtoole, shade tree owner of all of the banks in the city. “First it was Hadley’s then the Arcadia Park followed by the DeJulio’s, Chipeta and the No Delay. The Larriat Lounge bit the bullet soon after as did Stockmen’s. And now this?”
Rothtoole declined to comment when asked where he bent his elbow these days saying that he often enjoyed lunch and a day game at the R & R
“Never mind about my routine. I don’t need the police farce hanging out waiting for me in the parking lot,” he smiled.
The museum will be free with a story (hard luck accepted). It’s mission statement, borrowed directly from the Red Barn’s posture and way of thinking, is to create loud fun, the kind of thoughtless mirth and joyous laughter missing in most of society today. – Kashmir Horseshoe

“If you’re gonna make an omelet you gotta break some legs.”
– Mario Echabarron, personal behavior specialist

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