Fascinating Facts

(From the Pea Green Answer Man — Dry Creek Gazette — May 9, 2016)

In Breckenridge, Colorado one must walk a mile out of town to purchase a package of condoms while the same person can purchase a condominium in the restroom at almost any restaurant of bar.

If Brooklyn Dodger owner Fulgencio Batista had only renegotiated the contract of lawyer Fidel Castro in 1956 he might have stayed out of politics altogether and become one of the greatest pitchers ever to play baseball.

If everyone stopped buying life, health and auto insurance in little time nobody else would need it.

Mt Sneffels was named for legendary Yiddish stand-up comedian Marvin Sneffels who performed two shows a summer night for tourists at the base of the peak. His 58-year run ended with his untimely death in 2015.

The deadly Black Widow spider prefers the outhouse to the hen house when settling into a summer home in the mountains. The aesthetics of off-he-grid living,  without the conveniences of the 21st Century do not much impress the Brown Recluse variety either.

The Obama Administration sent over 4000 recreational vehicles to Afghanistan to be given away to allies of the United States government. At last check 3900 were still garaged in a secret location in Kabul awaiting shipment.

The White House was once a bed and breakfast prior to the War of 1812 when the British burned it down. After the conflict the mansion was rebuilt and designated as a Presidential residence, a status that it holds today. Although the lodging function is old business the place reportedly serves a nice hot lunch on weekdays.

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