Day Care Center Ends Weapon Production

(Ophir Loop – December 31, 2015)

In accordance with the termination of Cold War and the embrace of closer ties with former rogue nations the Happy Time Daycare/Arsenal will shift priorities from nuclear warheads to pencil sharpeners.

Headmistress, Ida Hopper, quickly reminded her charges that this could be only a temporary change and that if hostilities peaked once more, they should be prepared the return to their sensitive munitions work.

Happy Care is the only Co-op For Profit Daycare Center in the country. Students 2 through 9 engage in constructive play (production) for four weeks then spend the next four weeks studying swing play, drawing, learning songs, and taking their afternoon naps.

“It may take them slightly longer to graduate,” said Hopper, “but when they do they will possess years of work experience which is worth far more than some measly diploma.

– Melvin Toole

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