Secret to long life? “Wash your hands”

Former scribe, Melvin B. Toole washes his hands 228 times per day,  The 109-year-old says it has translated into a long, healthy life. 

“Maybe it’s a bit obsessive,” he said, “but I haven’t been sick since 1917.” 

Toole adds that he washes even more more if he’s been working in his garden, changing the oil on his 1926 Henway or playing with his dogs.

“Those mutts never wash much at all unless you count a splash or two in the river as a bath,” he explained. 

“He washes like a madman,” according to his handlers. Despite the application of soap to his hands he remains a person often in need of a shower.”

“Sometimes he smells bad even though his hands are sterilized,” said one.

“He’s invited hundreds of people to his 110th birthday party but he doesn’t know the date. He’ll probably  forget all about the cake too,” she smiled.

-Fred Zeppelin

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