Neanderthal-Denisovia Expected to join NATO

This tiny flute-growing republic has been part of Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithiuania and served as a regional capital during the Weiner Bun Republic (1922-28). Wedged between Strix Occidental and and the slaphappy Helicopactor Pylori Range, Neanderthal-Denisovia often engages in mad carnivals mimicking the sexual behavior of spotted owls on stomach bacteria statins. Most residents ethnically resemble Athabascans and some what ain’t. They are linked idiomatically to persons from Riverhead, New York. 

Famous Neanderthals

Three-armed fireballer Jack “Jake” Jakey

Abandoned by his pack during childhood this half Neanderthal, half Denisovian literally clawed his way up the pitching rotation of several standout clubs competing in the newly-formed Hominidae League. Then out of nowhere some 28,000 years ago the stadiums emptied and the Neanderthals, as if caught stealing third, disappeared.

Jack Jake Jakey, who demands his entire name be used in any reference to him in print, is best known for a quote lost to the ages: “You call us archaic. You think we live in a cave? It is you that have designated hitting and defensive shifts destroying the purity of the game.”

Marjorie Bear in the Window:   First college grad in 1969

A teen who claimed to have discovered fire, Marjorie, despite no credentials whatsoever was elected to a powerful tribal office by fellow Neanderthal nitwits. She passed no legislation and was a completely disruptive influence on the floors of Congress. Later after the headlong pressures, monumental expectations and the mental anguish of a four-year major in sociology a Marjorie went on to found a chain of rent-to-own stores all over the Great Basin.

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