Frog Puts Boy Down Mate’s Back

(Lilly Pad Corner — Leap Frog Lantern — March 27, 2016)

Police are searching for a taller than average tree frog who allegedly placed a squirming small boy down the back of a female frog yesterday. The girl frog has settled down and the boy human has recovered.

“We don’t want to hurt him,” said a local deputy with regards to the frog who is still on the lam this morning. “We just want to talk some sense into him. These reptiles simply have to realize that we can’t have this kind of behavior in New Age Colorado.”

Froggie was “a-courtin” at the time of the incident according to close friends. He was armed with a “sword and a pistol by his side…”

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of the fugitive amphibian should call an authority figure and not attempt to apprehend the slippery suspect on their own.

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