Baseball Trivia

1. Who devised the first box score?

2. Who was the last baseball player to bat. 400 in the regular season?

3. Who pitched the only perfect game in the World Series?  Who did it in the next decades against the Amazin’ Mets?

4. Who was the first player to wear a mitt?

5. Who managed the Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1870?

6. What town is located at the southern end of Otsego Lake?

7. Who has the highest career batting average?

8. Where and when was the first night game played?

9. What eight teams made up the National League in 1876?

10. What were the New York Yankees first called?

11. Who established the first All-Star game?  Where?

12. What city originally hosted the present Milwaukee Brewers?  What was the team’s name?

13. What is a merkle?

14. Who caught Johnny VanderMeer’s back-to-back no hitters?

(HINT: Batting against Carl Hubbell he once hit into a 500-ft. double play.)

15.  Who was known as “Biscuit Pants?”

16.  Who was the Snake River Valley League’s strikeout king in 1907?

( HINT: He won 36 games for a hopeless American League team in 1913.)

17.  What four players made up the 1957 Cincinnati infield?

18.  Who was “Old Tomato Face?”

19.  What is Campy Campaneris’s real first name?

20.  Who made up the starting nine for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950?

21.  What do un coup sur and un circuit mean on a baseball field?

22.  What team was originally named The Bridegrooms?

23.  What were the Houston Astros called in 1960?

24.  Who enjoyed talking to the ball on the mound in the ‘70’s?

25.  What American League team was once known as the Broncos?

26.  Who was the President of the United States the last time the Cubs won

a World Championship?

27.  What position did Lyndon La Rouche play for the 1965 Students For a Democratic Society?

28.  What pitcher hurled a no-hitter in 1970 while under the influence of


29.  What is Billy Martin’s least favorite candy?

30.  Name the top five all-time homerun leaders?




1. Henry Chadwick, Editor of the New York Clipper

2. Ted Williams

3. Don Larsen, Jim Bunning

4. Charles Waite, first baseman for the Giants in the late 1800’s

5. Harry Wright

6. Cooperstown, New York – sight of the Baseball Hall of Fame

7. Ty Cobb: .367

8. Cincinnati, Ohio in 1935

9. Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia and St. Louis

10. The New York Highlanders

11. Arch Ward of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago

12. The Seattle Pilots

13. A mental error on the base paths named after New York Giant outfielder, Fred Merkle

14. Ernie “Schnozz” Lombardi

15. Lou Gehrig

16. The Big Train – Walter Johnson

17. Don Hoak, Roy Mc Millan, Johnny Temple and Ted Kluzewski

18. Gabby Harnett of the Chicago Cubs

19. Dagoberto

20. Gil Hodges (1B), Jackie Robinson (2B), Pee Wee Reese (SS),

Billy Cox (3B), Roy Campenella (C), Andy Pafco (LF), Duke Snider (CF), Carl Furillo (RF), Don Newcombe (P), Preacher Roe (P).  Other pitchers accepted.

21. A base hit and a home run respectively in Montreal.

22. The Dodgers

23. The Colt 45’s

24. Mark Fidrych, Detroit Tigers

25. The Cleveland Indians

26. Theodore Roosevelt was President, William Howard Taft was elected    in November of that year – 1908.

27. Any reasonable answer will do here.

28. Doc Ellis of the Pittsburgh Pirates

29. Reggie Bars

30. Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Robinson (Frank), Killebrew




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