(Casper) The Commonwealth of Wyoming will retire from public service effective June of 2022 it was disclosed today. Wyoming, known as the Equality State to close friends, became associated with  United States in 1890. During that extended tenure Wyoming functioned in a host of capacities generally associated with mining, logging and ranching.

Instrumental in the establishment of several national parks and monuments the state saw the nation’s first woman governor, Nellie Taylor Ross (1925); the discovery of petroleum in the Wind River Range and the origins of Cheyenne Frontier Days, the nation’s longest running rodeo.

Although it will relinquish its’ commonwealth status, Wyoming will remain on the state payroll as a consultant and will appear as a dignitary at state affairs on a limited basis. The rest of the time the state will spend fishing, hunting and catching up on favorite movies from its longtime summer home in Eureka, Montana.

An honorarium is slated for next spring at Gillette, the state’s official cultural hub, where a gold watch and chain will be presented by an adoring public. Later in the year an official portrait, composed by a group of bad western artists from Cody, will be unveiled.

No replacement has been named as of press time and applications for the position are still being accepted. Requirements include wind, diverse topography, water and U.S. citizenship.

– Small Mouth Bess

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