Towns to trade noon sirens

Gunnison) Ouray and Gunnison appear to have brokered an agreement that would transfer each town’s noon siren to the other locale. The move, which has the full support of County Commissars and city crews in both places, is not expected to affect daily commerce. In most cases it is expected to go unnoticed by the general population.

Proponents of the plan say it’s good for the sirens to be subjected to new environments and, even though the towns share the same elevation, the climate and landscape differences dictate specific audio adaptation so as to fully coordinate with the cosmic flow.

“In Ouray we have a warm box canyon which is short on sun,” said one siren technician who lives in Colona. “While in Gunnison we have a wide, sunny valley long on cold. To the average person geographic variances may appear minimal but to the trained eye these subtle distinctions can spell trouble.”

The exact date of the switch has not been determined but both sides say they would prefer to wait until after tourist season is completed. The project is not expected to close major highways although there may be detours enforced and some traffic congestion on the River Road, Refrigerator Canyon and on Cerro Summit. Motorists are urged to stay calm. – Small Mouth BessĀ 


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