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Potheads urged to take care with debris

Citizens harvesting cannabis crops in rural designate regions are firmly encouraged not to dump excesses near known migratory paths of indigenous species. Already biologists have noted that many mule deer appear slower and flocks of magpies have been getting to work later and later as they fiddle with and munch on sticky, stinky, newly caste-off buds strewn about the countryside. One can easily smell it on their breath. 

What we don’t need is for our wards to get hooked on marijuana,” said one USFS spokesperson. “They’re alfalfa bill is already through the roof! These herdies are desperately hungry bastards and can gorge themselves on bales of assorted grass and other fodder when not restrained, and that’s just the undulates. 

Marmots are particularly at risk in that the buds sustain them in their daily prowls while the leaves make mighty fine nests. It was recently noted that prairie dogs, existing in bar ditches from Limon to Cahone, have been putting on a little extra weight this fall. Is it anxiety over the coming winter or is it Oreos?