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Daylight Savings Could Affect Cocktail Hours

(Ouray) Colorado residents are reminded that the change from Rocky Mountain to Daylight Savings Time could seriously distort normal cocktail hours this summer.

     “People engaged in that sort of thing should be aware that a small adjustment may be necessary to alleviate confusion,” said Andrea Rotweiller, of Clockmosis, an all-night-long Confront Range public relations firm hired to promote longer days and shorter nights.

     Rotweiller suggests that imbibers start earlier in the afternoon and continue later into the evening at first to get comfortable with the new time and than drop back to a comfortable level by, say July or August.

     “What we seek here is uniformity and a keen adherence to structured limitations and reasonable intentions. We are not booze brokers,” she said. We simply want people to manage their recreational time and that includes special occasions that might require further expansion of ritual imbibing.”

     Clockmosis was quick to point out that it did not encourage or condemn the consumption of alcohol.

     In a recently released statement the group insisted that it did not judge anyone.

     “Drinkers will be drinkers and tea totalers will be left to their own devices,” it said.

     People who do not recognize happy hour or those who tend to drink all day were not undressed by the warning and should simply go on about their business as if nothing had happened.

  • Fred Zepellin