State shoots shake into space

In a series of catapult launches, Colorado will blast-off more than 700,000 tons of discarded marijuana debris. The space probes featuring high tech often hallucinatory propellent are expected to visit several space stations to dump the pot.

With the 2021 harvest all but over the state of Colorado has decided to cosmically discard an alarming surplus of marijuana, on its way to the bank. The “new zucchini”* has clogged up the system and threatens to suffocate the enlightened while irritating the uninitiated. 

“It is like from one of those people eating plant movies,” said Marvin Twinn, a local botanist. “Soon we will all be covered up and blow away.”

Critics of the program say it would be easier to bury the stuff but the state seems intent on “making a statement” according to those who would like to see things handled differently at higher levels.

*Frog of according to the late Frog of Paonia,CB May he rest in peace

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