Obama Chose Biden For “Peace and Quiet”

Direct from the Democratic Natural Committee – November 13. 2014
Sources at the White House confirmed whispers that President Obama’s pick for Vice President, Joe Biden, was based more on comfort than practicality.
Obama apparently decided on Biden because he was chilled and minded his own business, say close aides who added that the assessment was pretty much right on and that the arrangement was common knowledge since the first convention.
“With all the stress associated with the position of Chief Executive nobody needs some hyper-active, chat-happy, know-it-all,” said Charlie Charles. “The calm, collect listener is rare in the annals of Irish politicians.”
Close friends say Biden is one of the most relaxed people in Washington.
“Sometimes we think he has dozed off and the next thing you know he moves his head or scratches his nose,” said a former intern.
Some days the entire White House staff takes a nap in Joe’s office and spills out onto the West Lawn, leaving diplomats and White House staff perplexed but often quite relaxed. Reportedly the only rule is: No talking.
“Imagine trying to get in a nap with Dick Cheney or Al Gore running around pushing their agenda. Nobody would get any sleep.” the intern continued.
Meanwhile, House Republicans blamed Obama for controversial early hit-the-sack parameters for junior/freshman representatives and, in some extreme cases, no bedtime stories or tuck-ins at all.
– Rex Montaleone

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