Local Station Reporting Bogus Baseball Scores

(Montrose, CO San Juan Horseshoe September 25, 2014) A Bland Valley television station is under FCC investigation due to allegations that sportscasters there knowingly reported worn out or invalid baseball scores, a federal offense.
The accusations come from an assortment of sources and are substantiated by three years of Federal Communications Commission investigations according to unreliable sources at home plate.
No motive has been established regarding the inaccuracies while the systematic coverage reeks of more than incompetence.
Purposely reporting false or even late baseball scores is also illegal in most states. A coalition of gov’ment agents is expected tonight in quick strike response to suspected tampering with the national pastime.
“We have reason to conclude that there has been wrongdoing for many years,” said Big “Tiny” Medio, a visiting DA from Green River, Utah. “We just have to prove intent to willfully commit a falsehood. This isn’t just about Colorado. There are baseball fans all over these mountains just trying to catch the scores. Misjudging a fly ball or taking a third strike is bad enough but lying about baseball is downright repulsive.
“We must stop these talking heads before they affect other sports. We wouldn’t want to good name of the NFL or the NBA to be tarnished,” he gestured.
Unconfirmed sources told The Horseshoe that the scandal does not end with bad sports reporting citing an indictment against the station for making up the weather and viciously misleading motorists since 1978.
– Roger Rightfields
“Baseball is what we were. Football is what we’ve become.”
– Pee Wee Biggs

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