Journal, Post and News Plan Joint Military Exercises

(Tucson) The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Fox News have announced joint military exercises to be carried out before the summer. In a show of strength, empire builder Rupert Murdoch will parade his Australian news holdings, which account for 70% of the newspapers in the country, along with the Big Three.
The military exercises are primarily a reminder of the power of the Murdoch Empire that has misinformed millions according to critics. Perhaps the most juvenile of all newscasts, seen daily on Fox News, reaches an estimated one million households. It’s no wonder Americans can’t find Iran on a map of the world. The New York Post, the poorly written, redheaded stepchild of Gotham journalism, is still an also-ran with the Wall Street Journal maintaining its pompous gray, moderate glow for now.
News Corporation, owner of the media mentioned, will showcase undocumented, opinion missiles capable of hitting the Chicago Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle from off-shore accounts and observation points at the tops of skyscrapers owned by the Murdoch group. A planned amphibious operation was cancelled due to bad weather and replaced with a feature on carpet bombing, co-produced with Better Homes and Gardens, a publication reportedly on Murdoch’s radar.
“The bilateral military exercises are not war games, as our dwindling list of competitors alleges,” said Herm Fleshander, a Murdoch executive familiar with the blow by blow since the early rounds of dialogue on the action. “We are simply testing headline defense systems. There is nothing provocative about these games unless of corpse Mr. Murdoch shows up in short shorts!” he laughed.
News Corporation owns 800 companies in some 50 countries with an estimated worth at $5 billion. The media group seeks to control what people think and thus manipulate the population regarding its political agenda. Despite indictments for telephone hacking and one-sided reporting the entire Murdoch Empire is fiscally untouchable.
“This is what happens when there is invisible control and no competition in many markets across the globe,” said one reporter from the Miami Herald. Murdoch’s staff pushes his priorities while “Murdoch’s money speaks for itself. Efforts like these have destroyed the labor unions and are crushing the middle class turning a vast segment of Americans into paupers, serfs in their own country.”
Despite lame attempts by the FCC to limit multiple ownership of media in specific markets, the trend appears to favor large conglomerates acquiring more and more. Soon they are force-feeding the pabulum of fear and distrust to a jaded, cockamamie, television-loving American nation with its fast food and Bud Lite mentality.
But perhaps these propagandizing harlequins have even outdone themselves with a news piece stating that Rupert Murdoch will live forever. While butting up to immortality may seem preposterous, it is right in line with most of the other information, disguised as true journalism, on the menu at the Murdoch banquet. – Suzie Compost

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