IQ Pop Quiz Awaits Voters in November

(Washington) Going to the polls in November? Be advised that you could be tested on basic knowledge before being allowed to vote. This new approach to validating elections, a simple IQ test, will be administered randomly by non-partisan voter behavior experts to try to determine why the electorate is so easily manipulated and why our choices are so pitiful.

The quiz is in no way meant to suggest that the voting population is stupid and uneducated on political matters according to a source on the ground here.

“When we read that 17% of the voters think Obama is a Muslim and 22% don’t know where Mitt Romney was governor, we have a problem of credibility,” said the source. “This lack of savvy often dictates how a politician campaigns and why the two political parties keep nominating mouthpieces instead of brain trusts.

The questions on the quiz will run the gamut from Constitutional workings to American foreign policy to theories on democracy. It is not a trivia game and could represent a last ditch effort to reward intelligence and responsibility in the country.

There is no way to cram for the test and those failing will not be punished or made to feel bad.

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