Dog Restaurant Opens in Butte

(Elk Ave) The first-ever restaurant catering solely to canines has opened its doors here. Offering new-kibble and quasi-continental cuisines, the eatery exudes a strong dogmatic ambience, even if the motif is a bit contrived. The spacious upstairs bone bar is adorned in antique fire hydrants accented with felt paintings of dogs playing poker.

“It’s actually more of a bistro,” said owner Dag Katz, who has spent the better part of his life feeding dogs.

Opening night came off without incident as most tail-wagging patrons were on their best behavior. The restaurant insists on harmony and tranquility and will not tolerate obsessive barking, petty squabbles or fur-raising fights.

“Actually it is a bistro,” said Katz.

Pet owners are banned from eating here plus, as anyone can clearly observe, the menu is not focused on humans. Entrees run from Scraps Florentine to Pavlov Stew to Scrambled Brains Doggie-Style, with a host of bacon and biscuit appetizers and sinful frankfurter desserts. Although the popular Chihuahua goulash sounds a bit morbid, it sells out every evening.

The restaurant hopes to offer hound sushi and an expanded whine list over the winter.

“It’s a bistro, damn it,” snapped Katz who plans to open a café for cats in October.

Katz is perhaps best known as the inventor of the pet alarm clock, which he says provided him with the necessary capital for this innovative project. He is currently working on a canine cookbook called 100 Recipes for the Dog Dish. – Slim Tinkleholland

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