Underground Seminar in Second Year

Ouray) The immensely popular Spend the Summer Underground Seminar is about to kick off its sophomore year according to organizers here. The 12-week work/study program will begin at the bottom of the Idarado Mine on Red Mountain Pass and, over the summer will wind its way through miles of tunnels culminating with a wine and cheese picnic in Telluride Town Park on Labor Day.
“I thought I’d miss the sun,” said Troy Babyfatte, a suitcase designer from Moline who participated in the program last summer. “The food was above board and the daily classes were stimulating but the TV reception sucked.”
Sponsored internationally by Hard Rock Tolerance Ventures, the summer-long agenda may offer weekend pilot programs at Camp Bird, Smuggler and Funnyside.
“The problem with sessions like these is once our students get down two hundred feet or so they don’t want to come back up,” said one instructor. It’s a clear case of “How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paris” syndrome.
At press time there are three slots open for the summer. One is first class, the others are tram.
“Either way it’s a mucking good deal,” said Babyfatte.
– Uncle Pahgre

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