Today in history-1987: Ex-UN chief Kurt Waldheim ended his World War II medical association with the late Dr. Joseph Mengle, saying he had only translated Yiddish medical journals and answered the phone occasionally. In response to accusations that he was an officer in the SS during that conflict, Waldheim said he only translated Prussian battlefield conversations and answered the phone occasionally.

Today in history 1934: Robber Baron American business tycoons began withholding 10% of their worker’s pay so to allow them to better acclimate to the controversial Social Security System, about to be implemented. The vest and cigar boys then claimed the money would be spent renovating the Statute of Limitations, an Off-Shore Banking Operation, located an an undisclosed spot in New York Harbor.

“Not watching at least 45 complete baseball games during the summer is not only anti-American, it’s borderline treason.” – Pete Rose

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