Survey Error Discovered at Four Corners

(Cortez-BSNS) A team of geographers working for National Geographic Magazine has stumbled across a survey error of major significance here. The experts, comprised of elite scientists from regional academic institutions, were busy plotting the romantic relationship between Dominguez and Escalante, when the foul-up became apparent.

While studying environmental impact statements issued between 1868 and 1879, the scientists noticed a serious discrepancy in survey data that has resulted in the improper division of states at the Four Corners Monument.

The discovery is expected to have frightening impact on the lives of millions of Americans. While Democrats and Republicans blame each other for the mishap the federals are calling for an independent panel to sort out the confusion and get the topographical train back on its tracks.

Preliminary reports indicate that if you currently lived in Montrose you will now live in St Petersburg, Florida. If you lived in Crested Butte your new domicile is Stone Mountain, Georgia. If you live in Silverton you now live somewhere in Canada while former residents of Ridgway will get their mail in Uzbekistan.

Other changes will be announced as they emerge. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news as far as private property laws and gerrymandering.

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