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From Grammar Junkie, March 25, 2015
Pick the definition that best describes the key word. All are real words albeit rather emote and rarely used in the vernacular. Answer the questions correctly and win!

Coprophemia is
a. obscene language
b. the four-way stereophonic sound created by Peter Townsend.
c. the horn of plenty
d. Someone who fancies feces

Pannage refers to
a. the grease left over after frying food
b. the reproductive capacity of a television camera
c. food eaten by forest swine
d. excess rock extracted from a sluice box

a. the fear of catching too big a fish
b. the fear that the game warden will warn the bass
c. the fear of living underneath more powerful beings
d. the fear of standing or walking

A kobold is
a. a mischievous goblin who lives in an abandoned mine
b. a hoistman
c. the center wheel of an ore cart
d. a processed piece of ore

A knibber is
a. the person who lives next door
b. the low man on the totem pole
c. a male deer at the magic moment when antlers first appear
d. a spendthrift

An obstringe is
a. a heavily feathered bird with long legs and retractable neck
b. to bind or make indebted
c. payment in cattle in exchange for a bride
d. meditating while gazing at a shrouded navel

Kakemono is
a. a town in Indiana
b. a dessert from a Dim Sum tray
c. one’s older brother’s boxer shorts
d. a printed Japanese scroll with a roller on the bottom

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