Voter Denial Season Starts Thursday

(Miami UPS) It’s been many moons since the Inaugural Ball and just about time for citizens who voted in the 2020 election to disclaim allegiances and dogged support of one candidate or the other.

Although official denial applications will not be collected until mid-October many from the johnny-on-the-spot electorate are wasting no time placing bids and repudiating voter behaviorisms.

Understandably the 2024 Presidential election is expected to get the most attention, especially considering the questionable antics within both major parties. However, over the past few decades ballot casters have made a point of denying November behavior in voting for senators and congressmen on the national and state levels. Some even flat out lie about the choices they may have made on election day.

“The honeymoon is over,” said Dr. Beatrice Minimonster, BGD, LSMFT, a fellow at Cal Polygamy Institute of Gov’ment here. 

“Secret ballots are great since nobody but the voter himself knows how the punch card was completed. It allows registered voters to make a decision and then deny it later. It’s just another reflection on society as a hole.”

Minimonster added that many voters have already forgotten who they voted for back in November and they would probably not be participating in the mass denial. Others actually believed what the candidates were saying and thus forfeit all rights to denial.

“These poor souls deserve the kind of 3.2, lukewarm, limited-participation democracy that we now have in this country,” she continued.

Voters who plan to take part in the festivities are reminded that if they, for example, deny voting for Donald Trump common consensus suggests they voted for Joe Biden and visa versa. 

“At this late date nobody is going to believe that anyone actually pulled the lever for  Barry Goldwater, Ralph Nader, Hunter Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Adolf Hitler or Mickey Mouse for that matter.”

– Kashmir Horseshoe

“Loose lips sink tips.” – traditional restaurant saying, Ouray

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