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Tattoos Upon Tattoos

Fans of indelible body marks and pigment designs were overjoyed today with the news that they might soon exhibit new tattoos over existing tattoos. Called Upcycled Tattoos, these superimposed skin illustrations have been successfully plastered as proxies swathing and masking earlier surrogates.

“It is clear that the image areas on the average human body are limited in scope and size,” explained dermatologist Evelyn Grouper, who began testing the new technology back in 2010.

Tattoo can be defined as an evening drum or bugle, calling soldiers back to their quarters. The British extended the term to include displays of military personnel but that is not the kind of tattoo we want to talk about or even why we are here in this cutting edge capacity today.

Grouper warns that professional attention is imperative in the process of adding tattoos to this permanent modus operandi.

“Hey, in the skin game everybody runs out of room sooner or later. That said, one must work within the proper ink jurisdiction or the second coat could feel chalky and create another layer of unwanted texture,” schooled Grouper. “We must prime around existing art or risk flaking.”

Idiomatically the word Ta-Tu itself appears to be derived from Tahitian, Tongan and Samoan tongues.

“Familiarity with what can be a tedious process is crucial,” she continued. “We don’t want to cover up a van Gogh with a velvet Elvis here.”

-Tommy Middlefinger

“Look, I just was simply reaching out to my team.” – NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, employing corporate jargon in an attempt to save himself from charges of sexual miconduct in a toxic workplace.