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Bequeath your ski pass to the poor gaining steam.

(Ski Dallas) In what appears to be a softening toward the less privileged, many affluent skiers are giving away their annual downhill passes to the poor. The surprising behavior is peripherally linked to accusations that the sport has become the haunt of the wealthy, cutting out middle and lower income groups.

“An initial reluctance has morphed into a sort of snow white caring or so it appears,” said a spokesman for Colorado Ski Country.

“It’s quite trendy these days for liberals to talk about one’s generosity at cocktail parties and even on the lifts. Many of the enablers here are quite comfortable and can donate their passes only to purchase another without leaving their bubbles as the season goes on.”

The more conservative element on the slopes has been slower yet less verbal in their commitments to ski access although many in both groups expressed concerns with crowding especially on weekends near urban areas.

“We don’t mind helping out a few low-op people just so long as they follow the rules and the etiquette inherent in the sport,” said one retired skier who expected the daily pass rates to explode to make up for skyrocketing expenses at most major resorts.

Person wishing to participate in the fledgling exercise should apply at Lessons and ski rentals are not included.

-Fred Zeppelin