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Denver CPA jailed in paternity caper

Garr Potter, accused father of Harry Potter, has been detained regarding alleged failure to pay child support.

The gifted ledger magician, a registered Tex offender residing at North Hencrowe Ave directly above I-25 in Frogtown Flats, insists that Harry pulls down millions from his books and films and does not need the money. 

Potter has filed a not guilty plea.

“I had no idea of this sordid past,” said his lovely wife who demanded animosity. “I thought I was marrying a muggle.”

Potter, a lawn and garden enthusiast, pioneered the concept of backside communication while excelling at Western State University when it was still categorized as only a college.

“He goes away in the morning and rides a bike at the local Y but he never quite gets to his imagined destination,” continued the significant other. “He never really arrives, man.”

In a related development the United States will trade voting machines to China for more Chinese-made Trump signs and American flags to wave.

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