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Link Poised to cast deciding vote in caucus bottleneck

(Washington) The Missing Link could be in hot water this week, faced with casting a potentially deciding vote establishing the prominence of artificial intelligence in government.

One of thousands of Congressional committees, that has been studying UFOs, aliens, card tricks and trickle down fiscal theories could not come up with a majority and decided to yield  The Link, a recognized expert on the subject.

 A savior to some and a villain to others, The Link expressed surprise and concern that it would “all have to be up to me.” On the run from researchers and scientists for decades the Link has been forced to employ an array of disguises from Hitler to Little Bo Peep.

His tragic, often disjointed career as half super hero and half boogeymen, has further shrouded attempts to communicate with the authorities, landing him on the terrorist list in 2009. An illegal entry (to attend a favorite niece’s wedding) into the US culminated in a high-speed chase, roof-top escapades, a far-fetched alibi, a little mountainy know-how and a plethora of other hyphenated words.

Despite expensive police dragnets and a reward of over half a million dollars The Link remains on the lamb, enjoying life, eating out and romancing.

 Although never serving at an elected post, The Link reportedly ran 15 democracies and 3 dictatorships between the Mystery Years (1956-1996) when he was believed to be living in Miami.

Readers are asked to contact police if they see anyone fitting the description of The Link.

-Small Mouth Bess