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1. Knives do tend to get dull faster over 8,000 feet. To decelerate this erosion simply wrap in old sweat sox soaked in vinegar…

2. Yes, it appears to be really stupid for baseball players to congregate inside a dugout during a pandemic.

3. Yes it was much like when the virus shut down our favorite machete bar in Andes and all the troublemakers moved to Bolambolo .(SP)

4. No. One cannot customize his Congressional Cardboard Cut-Out with body cameras/taping devices and prompts right there in the gallery.

5. gaudy plumage fades with age

6. Schadenfreude in High German episodes

7. People not bright enough to digest the nightly news or read their Bibles on their own = problems in the world = they need a news analyst or a preacher to wipe their their feigning intellect. These people should not be voting until they understand the issues.

8. My own teakwood fandango and a view of the sea

9. A foxhole is an asshole that digests FOX News

10. according to unreliable sources across the street at the bar

11. As far as we know a soul may not bring guns into heaven.

12. Books are bad. We have television now.

13. God loves the United States more than other countries because Jesus went to Harvard with Ted Cruz.