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Humans spending 12% of day charging devices

(Omaha Towers) People obsessed with cellphones, laptops and tablets are investing larger chunks of their day keeping the things charged. The robo-chore has dramatically increased with the addition of expanded technology according to watchdog groups.

There are over 550 cell phone companies here in Nebraska alone. That’s thirty times the number of sheep and forty times greater than the number of antelope the otherwise less than stimulating region.

In addition to the on-average time spent actually charging, they spend another 4 minutes thinking about where to charge and a further 2.5 minutes thinking about what they will do while their devices are charging.

-Judy Sockett

Ask Doctor Ed

Dear Doctor Ed:

I am lonely but I hate people. What should I do?


Dear Bridget:

Get a plant.  

Doctor Ed


“Michael… Michael O’Sullivan, are you a millionaire?

Now, Jackie, would I spend me time sitting on this old beach if I was a millionaire?

Jackie: “I believe you would.”  

                                  – fromthe film Waking Ned Devine