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Sales of Ukrainian flags surge as Archangels reportedly seen in Kiev

(Warsaw) People all over the globe are clamoring for Ukrainian blue and yellow flags, representing the country they firmly support in its defense against Putin’s sociopathic attacks on her people.

Sales are off charts and the flags can already be seen draped and hung from Switzerland to  Singapore. PUTIN HAS BECOME TOXIC reads one headline  Russia a   

In a virtual scene that some associate with Scripture people have reported seeing a band of Archangels fighting alongside Ukrainian troops. These sightings have yet to be confirmed by sources inside Ukraine.

Meanwhile brainwashed supporters of the war don red MRGA caps and confront demonstrators in Moscow. Police have arrested thousands of anti-Putin Russians sine the war began on Thursday. 

In the us Putin supporters have been quiet. Are they finally ashamed of their behavior and their paper demagogues?

For more oil this please turn to God Sanctions Lucifer and the Dark Angels threatening two turn the newly formed nation of Hell into a pariah state for the ages.