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Smaller brains in vogue for Midterms

Smaller brains are trending this election season according to Colombian fashion icon Marianne Marianne-Merluzza. The news comes to the relief of millions. Across the country trending forecasts dictate buying patterns. Then people like Marianne Marianne set the tone that defines the mode that created all the rage. Courting tip: She likes Belvedere Martinis (two onions), Kobi crablegs and lavender Belfast roses.

Last year Ms. Merluzza correctly forecast that people would begin wearing coats, long pants and sox in autumn says a prestigious colleague. “She actually projects future trends without a GPS or even a team*. This is particularly impressive since she lives in a poorly lit Chupacabra cave and wanders around her design studio in baggy Winnepeg Sorrels and a Tweetie Pie hoodie.

Although one might think smaller brains require smaller hats that is not always the case.*

“I like to put women in giant hats if they have large butts and smaller hats if they have big feet,” snarled Merluzza. “It makes sense if you think about it long enough.”

Her iconic bloomer chinos over scuffed jack boots accentuated by the Caribbean blend with Arhuacan scarves and carefully waxed ankle weights from the snowy peaks and steaming jungles of the Sierra Madre de Santa Marta.  

*Full regalia, baby. Bearing transparent souls and poorly developed sense of compassion works well in many scenarios. You betcha.