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“Pollsters be damned” is their haunting cry

(Denver) He’s still up there this morning, high above downtown ensconced on a wavering flagpole, pledging to stay put until Colorado Rockies win NL West

Despite the snow, wind and rain that will surely visit over the next few months, the unidentified percher remains adamant in his pledge to stay the course.

His 3rd cousin Ed finally came down from his designated pole, suspended high above the Air Force Academy, moments after the inept Broncos beat harmless San Diego twice in December, but went back up after the Patriot loss game.

The two sitters, both season ticket holders since 1962, have been offered a myriad of premiums including sideline access and free parking at Invesco, Coors and the Pepsi Center for life if they will only come to their senses.

“This a lot of foolishness,”said one Rockies’ executive, who warned that both men could face trespassing charges and littering fines. “Sure, we lost 100 games last season but we remain grounded.”

In other news: A former Minor League franchise, the Denver Bears has announced that it is testing the waters for a return to Colorado soon. However, questionable planning and conflicts over stadium access has thrown a wrench in the works resulting in a series of exhibition games in Western Colorado during November and December with finals in Silverton January 15, unless the local moose are rutting.

Meanwhile the Rockies, expressed little concern as to potential competition over the summer months. That Weld County feedlot management had no comment other than “Eat more beef”

“We expect positive support from the residents of eastern Utah and go for the whole ballgame,” said one San Juan County keystoner. “World class skiing, a narrow gauge train and now baseball. $2 beers. $3 entry, and free after the 7th inning. That’s what baseball was and what it will remain up here.”

– Rocky Flats

“How would I have guessed that during my last hours I would sit on a rock in the starlight in a mountain laurel, explaining sexual hygiene to an apprentice in a propeller factory?”

              – Allessandro  Giuliani to Nicolo, in Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin